Answered: Loading Zone Technicality Ruling

At a recent competition, the head judge ruled that our alliance’s robot presence in our enemy’s lifting zone during the last 30 seconds was illegal. While this is true, our alliance’s robot honestly disconnected and wasn’t able to move out of the square in a good manner. The alliance robot had cut out before the 30 second time period and wasn’t able to get out. The head judge said that we were still held responsible for our robot’s actions regardless of connection issues which I personally deemed unfair. In future reference, what would be the official call on something that were to happen like this. There’s multiple instances where this could happen. Ex: PTC Tripping, Battery Fell out, Robot tipped over and couldn’t get out, etc.

The head referee made the correct call. Teams are responsible for the actions of their own Robot, even in those unfortunate circumstances when the robot ceases to function.