Answered: Loading Zone

Hi Karthik I would like to clarify something.
I was at a competition last week where my robot was shooting from inside the loading zone with part of the robot outside the loading zone and in the climbing zone. An opposing alliance drove into our climbing zone and touched my robot (while my robot was still very much in contact with the loading zone. This required me to reposition my robot in order to keep shooting. I brought this up with the ref but he said no rule was broken. I won the match anyway so i didn’t push it, but i would like to clarify was a rule broken? and would it have warranted a disqualification had the opposing team won?

Contacting a Robot that is contacting either the Loading Zone or Climbing Zone is considered to be indirect contact with that Zone, thus illegal by <SG7> or <SG11>.
Full Details:

If the referees determined the offense to Match affecting, then yes, the Robot which contacted you would be disqualified.