Answered: Loose 7.2V Battery Leads

I’ve been doing some testing with a battery analyzer and have found that the voltage may rise if the wires are moved/pushed together during testing especially on our older batteries. I’m assuming that this is caused by the “standard vex connectors” becoming worn and loose. There are even a few cases were a single wire can pull out of the connector completely. Having read the rules and a similar post on modifying the standard connections, could you please answer the following:

  • is it possible to replace the standard connector with a new one? If so, where can we purchase the connectors and any tools to do this? If this is allowed, is a reasonable change in wire length (e.g. shortening to remove old connectors) legal?

  • would it be legal to reinforce the connectors by filling in the gap between the wire and plastic shell with a non-conductive substance such as hot glue? I’m concerned that simply using electrical tape or heat shrink would not be enough.

  • Any advice on keeping the connections solid except for training kids to not pull them out by the wires?

Thanks in advance.

No, this would not be legal.

No this would not be legal either.

I would post this question in the general forum. I’m sure many people in the VEX community would have some useful suggestions.