Answered: Low elevation question

Now in this situation lets say your robot broke and you had no time to fix it for your next qualification round. Now would it be legal to get a piece of metal with a four inch standoff, place the piece of metal above three of the four preloads where the stand off touches the ground, that way it is in a legal starting position, then once driver control starts you put one driver control load to run the stand off up off the ground over the four inch ball meaning all the other team has to do is touch that piece of metal to not knock it over and its low elevated. Is that a legal strategy?

To clarify what i mean just a bit after re reading it: the piece would be an l-channel so you can put the ball on and it would go over or a plate bent just a bit and the ball would hold the part to touch the ground up.

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This is not a legal strategy. <R1> outlines very specific rules on the modifications of Robots.

Ok but would this be legal if you brought your broken robot and did that?

You’ll need to be more specific with your question. If you’re asking if it’s legal to Preload Balls onto your Robot in such a way that they easily can be removed by a partner, the answer is yes.