Answered: Master Code 8 and MPLAB VEXNET compatibility

I have two questions here, both relating to VEXNET upgrade:

  1. Does anyone have the new Master Code for VEXNET (I think this is Master Code 8) for the IFI Loader? It should be a .bin file. The latest Master Code in the Downloads is 7 and it is from 2006.

  2. Does the 2008 Starter Code on the Downloads Page (I think it is from Elevation) work with VEXnet, and is it easy to change the Auton time in the code. (I can’t seem to find the auton time set in main.c or user_routines_fast.c). I need to set the Autonomous time to 15 seconds and the Teleop time to 1 minute 15 seconds for a non-VEX competition.

I am using MPLAB in case anyone asks.

**We have updated our Downloads page to include the Code when using the VEXnet Upgrades. If you use the VEXnet Upgrade Units, RX and TX, you must use the updated Master and Default Code in the VEX 0.5 Microcontroller.

When using the VEXnet Upgrade, the Autonomous time is no longer controlled from a file or template. Autonomous time is controlled directly from the field - along with the starting and stopping of the match. If you do not have a Field Control setup, you can use the VEXnet Competition Switch, part number 276-2335.**