Answered: Match affecting Auton DQ

According to 12G
A team is responsible for the actions of its Robot at all times, including the Autonomous Period.
and SG9
Any fouls committed during the Autonomous Period that do not affect the final outcome of the match, but do affect the outcome of the Autonomous Bonus, will result in the Autonomous Bonus being automatically awarded to the opposing Alliance.

So while this covers the ruling where something in autonomous does not affect the final outcome of the match, it does not specifically state what is the correct ruling if the infraction is match affecting. In order to not confuse the question I will ask about the specific infraction in another question.

Here my question is, if an action in autonomous is deemed match affecting, could it be grounds for a DQ?

Yes, any match affecting rules violation, including those that take place in autonomous mode could be ruled as a DQ.