Answered: Match Affecting Clarification

The definition of match affecting states the following:

According to most rules, they state the following:

In eliminations, If I were to do an illegal action such as tipping myself even incidentally, and it was match affecting against me and my own alliance, would me and my alliance be disqualified and earn zero points?
(By the way, most say this is obvious, but I still haven’t exactly heard of a ruling about this for this season)

Most rules that contain the Match Affecting verbiage explicitly refer to actions against opposing robots.

Your question specifically refers to tipping, which is covered by <G12>. <G12> does not include Match Affecting verbiage. It only refers to intentional, egregious, or repeated offenses.

Other than <G12>, tipping your own robot over to gain a strategic advantage via <SG14>, <SG7>, or any other rules would be considered a violation of those rules in their own right. Tipping over your own partner would be a fairly extreme circumstance, and could be considered a violation of <G12> and/or <G1>.

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