Answered: Max number of independent motors / servos can you control?

How many motors / servos can you realistically be connected / controlled independently from each other?

I know all about Y cables etc, but I need to control each motor separately.

I’m building an R2D2 unit and hoping to maximize the number of things I can control, switch on and off etc with a single Vex.

I know we have 8 connections for motors, but are they all uniquely addressable. I know in the default ‘starter kit’ configuration some ports are dedicated to 4WD and duplicate other motor ports, but can they be re-programmed / addressed uniquely when I get my programming kit? I plan on using the MPLAB environment rather than EasyC for more flexibility.

I have a lot of things I need to drive/open on my R2 and I can see me maxing out the 8 motor/servo ports and looking for creative solutions to use the Output Ports to trigger servos or other things :slight_smile:

Someone suggested connecting a second Vex to the first and would love to hear from others who are doing this already.


You can control all 8 Motor Output Ports independently of each other which is the maximum.