Answered: May any students be members of more than one team?

We have teams of roboteers that design and build the robots. We have a group of roboteers that can program, they will work on one or more robots. One or more programmers may work on one or more robot. (Programmers are normally our 2nd and 3rd year members) May any students be members of more than one team?

Is this legal or do I need to assign one programmer to one robot? If I have 10 robots and only 8 programmers can the mentor write the program for the two remaining robots?

Bonus question: Can we use code from some other person. For example Smartkid writes omni code for the robot and we take and use that without changing it. Is he considered part of our team? He is a high school student, does that mean we can not participate as a middle school only team? Or do we follow the “On the Internet” rule, that we found it on the internet, it’s licensed under a Creative Commons license and are using the ideas from there?

Double Bonus Question - Is it better to have an engineering degree with a doctorate in Law or a degree in common sense and a doctorate in Engineering.

There are no rules prohibiting students being on multiple teams. Also, there are no rules prohibiting mentors from programming robots.

Yes, you may use code from another person, website or book.

Having engineering degree with a doctorate in law will typically lead to much higher salaries than having common sense combined with a doctorate in Engineering. In terms of general utility and happiness, your mileage may vary.