Answered: Minimum Voltage for Vexplorer Rx/CTLR

I’m building a hybrid model from Vexplorer and Erector parts, primarily because the Erector set motors are too feeble. (Had I known when I started what I know now about Vex, I wouldn’t own what may well be the largest merged Erector set in several counties ;); I would have built this thing entirely from Vex parts.)

I had obtained two *nominally *six volt sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries, intending to operate them in parallel to provide a high-capacity 6 V source for the Erector motors (controlled through an RC system and ESCs). (The SLAs also provide mechanical ballast for my model.)

At full charge, the SLA’s open circuit voltage (Voc) is about 6.9 V. Even at a load of several amperes, they remain well above 6 V.

Contrarily, six NiCd or NiMH AA cells in parallel provide a higher Voc, but a lower voltage under the same load.

My question is: What is the minimum voltage for running the Vexplorer Receiver/Controller?

I’m trying to determine if I am being forced to choose between using the Vexplorer Rx/CTLR with the six AA cells or using the SLAs with the third-party ESC. If not, I’m leaning toward using the Vexplorer Rx/CTLR with the SLAs.


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