Answered: Moar Problems

OK, I am getting a little depressed because I haven’t been able to completely figure VEXnet out. The robot is synced correctly, the Robot light is green - VEXnet light indicates that one Joystick is connected (a good connection) - and the Competition light corresponds to the command sent from the competition field setup, that part is fine. I have uploaded the new firmwares and everything seems to be working fine in terms of code and downloading, etc. Unfortunately when I try to run the robot nothing happens (the code is fine, it works with crystals & I am using RobotC 1.97 Beta) I’m not really sure where to go from here. In the debug window it says there are not Xmitters and VEXnet is disabled… yet the code can be loaded wirelessly and the transmitter connects. Whats the issue? Who can I contact?.. We have ~13 days left, I need help… (Telephone numbers are sorta useless since I live in Hawaii and end school at 3p. CMU has a 5 or 6 hour difference so thats around 8p or 9p and the offices are closed where I call.)

**The VEXnet LED only indicates status about the “Link”, and it should be flashing Green for a good link. The Robot LED will indicate how many Joysticks/Transmitters it has detected.

First, make sure there is not a code issue my downloading Master Code and Default Code to the VEX 0.5 Microcontroller. Since you are using the VEXnet Upgrade, you must use the new “WiFi Master Code ver 9” and “WiFi Default Firmware” which can be found on our Downloads Page.**