Answered: Modularity, configurations, and changes between matches.

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What is the intent of the rules as far as competing with “one robot” is concerned?

What sort of changes are teams allowed to do between matches?

How prepared for those changes are those teams allowed to be?

What needs to fit in the 181818 box other than the machine that is going to be on the field during that match?

As an inspector, how much can a team be prepared to change their robot configuration and how much can they change their configuration before I can send them home for violating the rules or even the spirit of the rules?


Let’s take a look at <R1>

The intent is that teams participate with only one robot. The intent is not to restrict the amount of changes that teams make to their robot between matches. It will be ultimately up to the lead inspector at the event to draw the line between a team having multiple robots and a team having one modular robot with multiple configurations. Here are some guidelines:

[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana]Acceptable Changes:[/FONT]

*][FONT=Verdana]Replacing a broken component (i.e. swapping out a damaged motor).[/FONT]
*][FONT=Verdana]Detaching an arm and replacing it with a different arm design.[/FONT]
*][FONT=Verdana]Detaching a subsystem and replacing it with a different subsystem.[/FONT]
*][FONT=Verdana]Removing wheels and replacing them with tank treads.[/FONT]
*][FONT=Verdana]Removing an assembly of motors, motion parts, and structural components and attaching a different assembly in its place.
[FONT=Verdana]**Unacceptable Changes:
*][FONT=Verdana]Detaching the entire drive system & chassis and replacing it with a different drive system & chassis.[/FONT]
*][FONT=Verdana]Detaching the Microcontroller from an assembly of motors, motion parts, and structural components and attaching it to a different assembly.[/FONT]

**Acceptable: **Overhauling your robot to the point where it may be completely different that the original.
Unacceptable: Swapping back and forth between the overhauled and original version.

Nothing. There is no need to place potential components in the sizing box. Although if a robot has modular configurations, each configuration must be sized individually.

Thank you. That clears a lot up.