Answered: More Gatebot Questions

In a recent Q and A (Is this Pinning?) you said:

Although not specifically defined in the game manual, from the definition of alliance (“A pre-assigned grouping of two teams that work together for a given Match”) I can assume that the “team” referenced above refers to one robot.

Question 1: Does this mean that if a gatebot is trapping two robots in their isolation zone, they need a combined 2 feet by 4 feet to move? Or can it be said that since the two trapped robots from the same alliance are inhibiting each other, this is not the fault of the gatebot and should not affect the previously ruled 2’x’2 cushion.

If a gatebot has a robot trapped, so that the robot is stuck fewer than six inches from its own gate, but there is no contact between robots or against the gate:

Question 2: The trapped robot in the moment in question does not have the 2’x2’ cushion (ruled specifically for isolation zone?) but its own team has the option of lifting the gate at any point. Would this be considered pinning? In other words, does the alliance with the trapped robot, have the option of either forcing a pinning count or opening the gate and escaping?

The presence of another robot on the opposite alliance of the “gatebot” would not affect the amount of room needed to be left by the gatebot. The aforementioned 2’x2’ space still applies.

The pinning rule applies to all field elements in their current state. If the Gate is down, it is is irrelevant that it could be lifted by the pinned team to eliminate the pin. The referees will not consider this possibility in their determination of a pin. Simply put, if you pin someone against a closed gate, it’s still pinning, even if the gate could be lifted.

Thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!