Answered: Motor Ports

I hope I’m wrong about this:
I read that port 7 and 8 or only used for 4wd mode.
So does this mean since I’m not using 4wd, I only have 6 motor ports
to work with on my project?
This really stinks if I’m reading this correctly, Because I need as many ports as I can get on top of the problem of running out of remote control buttons.
I hate the idea of using 2 remotes, even if it is a nice option.
Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

**The Inventors Guide Appendix E describes the default mapping of the Transmitter Channels to the Vex Controller Motor Outputs. Page E-2 shows that under that configuration, Motor Outputs 7 and 8 are active the same time that Channel 5 and 6 are, but they will turn the motor in the opposite direction.

You can program Motor Output 7 and 8 to respond to any of the inputs you want. Be aware that the Vex Transmitter only has 6 Channels and the Vex Controller has 8 Motor Output; therefore, you can not control all 8 Motor Outputs from separate channels on the Vex Transmitter. By adding a second Vex Transmitter, you can control all 8 Vex Motors Outputs from separate channels on the Vex Transmitters. The second Vex Transmitter/Receiver must use a different crystal so that they are communicating on a different frequency.**