Answered: Motor Repair

The pins on the end of one of our 2-wire motors snapped off. Would it be legal to strip the wire, attach it directly to a stripped motor controller wire, and wrap it up in electrical tape? As per the manual repairs are allowed but it doesn’t seem explicit as to whether or not we could go straight into a motor controller like that. We have no 2-wire extension cables so there would be no way for us to repair it otherwise.

The functionality would not be modified and the length would be just a little shorter than if we’d plugged the motor into the motor controller.

Seems the answer would be ‘yes’ but would just like clarification.

This would be legal if you were to replace the end of the wire with the end of another VEX legal cable. However, directly connecting/splicing the motor to the speed controller would not be legal.

Please see this previous Q&A entry for more details.

May I ask what the logic is for not allowing this?
I can’t imagine how anyone could possibly cheat like this.

Your original post also explicitly stated that this was legal and now we’ve also ruined a motor controller plug by splicing it.


There are a myriad of safety issues involved with directly splicing a motor to a motor controller.