Answered: motor wire protection

I would like further clarification on this ruling. What’s described to in the original question seems like it should be legal for the same reason that this is ruled legal. However this question left room for interpreting it asking if it’s allowed to use hot glue on the inside of the motor which I know has been ruled to be illegal. Assuming the hot glue is only used externally and only for the purpose of protecting wires (covered under R7), because there’s no exception given in the rules it should be legal, correct?

Reposting rules R7H and L, for reference:

The hot glue allowance in R7h only refers to connections where a cable could potentially become unplugged, such as an extension cable.

The “protection” implied by R7L refers only to protection via bundling or wrapping cables as a form of cable management. It does not extend to fixing frayed wires or gluing components together.

When answering the linked question about Sugru, we had this type of “bundling/wrapping” application in mind. That answer will be updated accordingly to better reflect this.