Answered: Motor wires breaking near case, is this repair legal?

Where the wires enter the VEX motor body excess bending of the wires can cause the grommets to break apart, and the insulation on the cable then splits.

This leads to shorts, and either burns out the corresponding H-Bridge in the Cortex, or causes the motor channel to shut down.

Please could you let us know if the repair detailed in the attached PDF is legal at the World Champs.

Thanks to Glenfield COllege for the fix description.
‘Sick’ parts _ The motor wire problem _ Repairing motor wires.pdf (233 KB)

The described fix is not legal.

I guess this falls foul of <R15> …

…as the fix is not totally external even though the wire breaks outside the motor case.

Thanks Karthik we will instruct NZ teams that qualify for the Worlds to replace their motors before the worlds if the motors are repaired in this way.

Yes, this is correct.