Answered: MOTORS out of stock!!

i dont know if this is the right place to post this but i was wondering when the motors will be restocked on both the 269 AND 393 are out of stock and my team has a very small window to place an order before our school tells us its too late (so i hear) so i was wondering when they will be restocked


plus my team has a competition in less than a month and we need spare motors because we are using our last ones which are not that great

Thank you for your time,
Paul Troy](

Hi Paul,

2-Wire Motor 269s are In Stock. The 393 Motor and the Motor Controller 29 are Out of Stock right now.

We expect both to be back In Stock within the next week.

If you need to place an order before they are In Stock, please call us at 903-453-0802 and we can get the order in and will ship them when they are available.

Thank you so much we really appreciate it