Answered: Motors spinning

Our motors begin spinning as soon as we turn on our transmitters. I have tried re programming them but they continue to spin.

**Are you using the a 3 wire or 2 wire motor, and if you are using a 2 wire motor are you using the Motor Controller 29 along with it?

Does this happen on all Motor Ports and which Microcontroller are you using, the PIC or CORTEX? By re-programing are your refering to Master Code or User/Default Code or both. It you are not using Default Code, please try using that.**

I am using a 2 wire motor but I am using the motor controller 29. Yes it happens on all motor ports. I am using a pic controller. I have downloaded the default code, however it still starts spinning as soon as I turn the controller on.

If this happens on all Motor Ports, you need to contact our Tech Support (903)-453-0802 and get a RMA Number for the return of the system to us for repair.