Answered: Moving an opponent's mobile goal in the 5 Point Zone?

I was reading over the rules, and I saw <SG10> and <SG11>, which state respectively that you cannot move mobile goals in the opponents’ 10 and 20 point zones and that you cannot bring an opponent’s mobile goal into your zones. I don’t see anything about moving an opponent’s mobile goals.

Am I allowed to move an oppenent’s Mobile Goal from their 5 point zone to the “No Man’s Land” in the center (Assuming I don’t knock down any cones)? Thank you in advance.

Provided no other rules are violated in the process, this would be legal.

If attempting this type of maneuver, please be cognizant of both <SG5> (which states that Robots may not intentionally or accidentally, indirectly or directly, remove Cones from an opponent’s Stack) and <SG6> (which states that Robots may not grasp, grapple or attach to the opponents’ Mobile Goals).