Answered: Moving Robots During Atonomous

In the VEX Gateway manual, it states that robots may be moved by the alliance of that robot’s color relative to the field. Does this mean that the robot may not be tilted, but only slid and turned?

Let’s take a look at the exact rule from the VEX Gateway Manual:

Since repositioning and reorienting is legal, you would be allowed to slide, tile, turn or perform any combination of these reorientations.

Ok. Thank you. Now one more question:

Would it be legal to have a zip-tie folded underneath the robot, so that it is held underneath it under the 18" limit only by the floor, then to tilt/lift the robot above the starting tile so that the zip-tie uncurls to extend beyond the 18" limit? Because of this, no direct or indirect contact is being made to alter the configuration of the zip-tie, but rather the lack of contact with the floor, which doesn’t seem to break any rules of the game manual.

There probably is no practical use, but I still would like to know.

Yes, this would be legal. Please see the below linked Q&A entry for a similar question.

Okay. Thank you for your time.

You’re welcome.