Answered: Multi-part Robot

We are looking into building a stationary robot that never leaves the starting tile, with a secondary “robot” that will drive off of the stationary robot in order to gather cubes.

We have seen robots at Worlds with similar designs, and have noticed that these robots have had Vex metal connecting the two. Our design is such that, the secondary robot is only connected via 1/8 nylon rope and wiring on a retractable spool, to minimize any entanglement. We are wondering if this is legal (does there have to be structural metal connecting the two)?

We do fully understand that we can only use one cortex.

Thanks, team 4149G

Using just rope and wiring would an unnecessary risk of entanglement and a violation of <R3c>. Please take a look at this previously answered Q&A for more details.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

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