Answered: Multiple Qualifiers with Same Robots/Drivers Different License Plates

After reading this official answer…

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My interpretation to this answer tells me that, as a VEX U team, I can compete at multiple Regional Qualifiers, with the same robots, same drivers but different team names/licenses plates?
So If my team doesn’t qualify in one event, I can just pay $100 for another team registration and register at another regional with the same drivers and robots. Is my interpretation correct?

The answer to the question you linked above has been changed.

<R1> states the following:

Once a Robot (defined as Subsystems 1 and 2) is entered in an event under a given team ID#, the Robot may not compete under any other team ID# at any subsequent event.

The intent here is not to prevent teams from upgrading or changing their own robots. The intent is to prevent one Robot being used to compete for multiple teams.