Answered: Mutual pinning and disqualification

I would like to get an official ruling on an situation that took place at QCC this Saturday.

A blue robot with a negotiator is going to red’s isolation zone to try to negate a 30-in goal of red objects. A red robot is blocking the goal. The blue robot tries to push the robot out of the way, pinning it against the goal. However, 2-3 seconds after the pin, the blue robot backs up and is caught against the gate, and the red robot follows, pushing the blue robot against the gate. Now both robots are caught between the goal and the gate and are unable to move.

The ref at the event ruled that either no one was disqualified, or both of the robots were disqualified, and since each alliance has one active robot the match would be scored normally. But in the manual definition for disqualification stats:

“Disqualification – A penalty applied to a team for a rules violation. When a team is disqualified in a
Qualifying Match they receive zero (0) WP and SP. When a team is disqualified in an Elimination Match
the entire alliance is disqualified and they receive a loss for the match.”

Hence, since this match took place in the elimination rounds, if both robots were pinning, both** alliances** should be disqualified. Would this mean the match should have been replayed, or was the ref correct in scoring it normally? What is the official ruling on this situation?
Thanks in advance.

We cannot comment on the legality of the pinning situation without knowing the full circumstances of what happened on the field.

In any Elimination Match when a Robot is disqualified, their entire Alliance disqualified. If Robots on both Alliances are disqualified, this means both Alliances are disqualified, resulting in a 0-0 tie match. Thus, another match would need to be played.

Okay, thanks Karthik. I will post a video if one is uploaded, otherwise I guess it is open to interpretation of the referees.

You’re welcome.