Answered: need clarification on "Clarification on Note1 and 2 of Scored "

I a previous game clarification "Clarification on Note1 and 2 of Scored " that was answered, the GDC stated that the - “No. The Mobile Goal in this photo without a Cone on it would not count for any points.”
Can you clarify why the mobile goal would not count? If it is in the rulebook, I missed it and apologize.

Please see Notes 1 and 2 of the definition of Scored, quoted below for reference:

In the photo, there are two Mobile Goals contacting the 20 Point Zone. Since only one Mobile Goal can be Scored in the 20 Point Zone, only one of these goals would be worth points (i.e. Scored). Since the Mobile Goal in question is the one with fewer Cones on it, then it is not Scored and is thus not worth any points. If this did not clarify the rule, please clarify your question and re-submit.