Answered: Need to delete/resubmit promote award entry

I just submitted our team’s Promote award entry, but there’s one problem: I misplaced the video’s URL and accidentally put it the ‘website URL’ entry box instead, and the URL is unfortunately wrong as well… it links to the video’s editing page instead of the actual video.

I’m so terribly sorry for creating this inconvenience, but is there a way for me to delete and resubmit the entry?

(Our entry is called 'Wolfpack Robotics: Get a Vex, and we are Vex team # 9378)

*Correction: I actually used the right entry box, but used the wrong URL

Please submit your correct entry as a new entry, and we will get the “wrong” entry deleted. This will happen a lot this week. :slight_smile:

Actually, the link somehow fixed itself and the video now shows, so it looks like I won’t need to have the entry deleted.

Thank you for your response though :smiley: