Answered: Net coming a part in competition

Participated in a competition over the weekend and a net on one field would constantly come apart at the top joint. We were told by the official that he would “disqualify” us for damaging the field. We did not have this problem on the three other nets used in the competition and asked if they could be taped or connectors changed and were told “no”.
Question is can we be disqualified from tournament if the net comes apart from our bot shoting balls at the net and the connections coming loose. Seems like a design flaw int the net.

Without seeing your Robot or the net in question, it’s impossible to issue a blanket ruling here. But in general, Goals should be able to withstand Robots shooting at them, even at high velocities. My guess is that this Goal was damaged and needed to be replaced. If a Goal fails during a Match, and this failure is Match affecting, the Match should be replayed. The Goal should then be repaired or replaced.

Event Partners are permitted to tape up the connectors on their goals if they are coming apart, as long as the tape does not interfere with normal gameplay.