Answered: new and old rubber shaft collars (part 2)

I was unable to add a response to the “new and old rubber shaft collars” thread created on 1-29-15 so I have created a new thread in hopes that my additional information will also be considered.

First of all, I am not connected to the original poster.
I am a mentor for another team that also has concern for the rubber shaft collar part.

Attached is a graphic created showing what we believe to be evidence that
that the old and presumably now obsolete rubber shaft collar part, was provided in the same time frame as a form fit and function replacement to the “old” rubber shaft collar part.

At some later period of time the Vex IQ kits could have shipped with either the old style or the new style collars, though the Vex IQ documentation shows them with the same “old” part number regardless of actual part shipped.

A search for the 250-2500-243 part shows an image that is identical to the 228-3510 part.

Under the <R5>(d) clause:

Official Robotics Components from the VEX Robotics Design System which have been
discontinued are still legal for competition use. However teams must be cognizant of <R5a>**

We therefor request consideration that the “new” part (228-3510) is a replacement for the “old” part (228-2500-243) and that 228-2500-243 be an acceptable part allowable under VEX VRC competition as 228-3510 would be.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yes, the old type of Shaft Collar may be used. Please see the following Q&A response for more details.