Answered: new and old rubber shaft collars

tech support,

we have some rubber shaft collars from vex iq that neither vex VRC nor iq sell any more. they are slightly larger and have a grippy rubber on the outside rather than the new ones here

that seem to be made out of plastic. i have both products with me and was wondering if the ones with rubber on the outside would still be legal to be used in VRC to be used as a sort of grip. I believe the collars originated from the
beta vex iq.

thanks if advance.

The VEX IQ shaft collars were changed slightly in the summer of 2014, however the part number stayed the same. The “pilot kit” and pre-summer 2014 collars are all legal.

are they legal in VRC or just iq. sorry, you never said anything about VRC.

They are legal in VRC.