Answered: New Plastic Allowances <R7f>

Hello Karthik,
With advances in modern manufacturing processes, lots of new plastics are emerging on the market. A great example are products provided by the company igus. I was wondering if by any chance, the GDC would consider provisioning for these new materials, provided that they follow the overarching rule of <R7f>, 12x24 sheet no thicker than 0.070" thick. These materials are similar in chemical properties to Delrin/POM ( acetal/ monopolymer/copolymer), by the way acetal is spelt wrong in this version of the rule book.

Similarly, provided that these materials are 3D Printable Filaments (A product igus offers) would VEXU participants be able to use this material in their 3D printing process, provided it complies with ?

These plastics would allow for more innovation, due to their near frictionless properties, which add an interesting new twist on the use of the 12x24 sheet allotted to teams.

Thanks Karthik!

No, these are not legal.