Answered: New Vexplorer no go

Just got my starter kit today and put it together.

All components are correctly installed and new batteries in receiver and transmitter. I have lights on the transmitter and receiver, but none of the motors work. All the plugs are seated properly in the receiver.

The motors all work (we tested it with a battery pack from an rc heli) and the camera and flashlight work but can’t get any motors to engage.

It’s definitely a communications issue. Does this sound like a transmitter or receiver problem?


About the only thing left to check is the antennas. Be sure the Transmitter Antenna is fully extended. The Receiver Antenna must be mounted using the Antenna Mount and Sleeve. Also the Antenna Wire must be not be shielded by metal.

The antenna is in its sleeve on the mount and the transmitter antenna is all the way out and still nothing.

If any metal were to touch the antenna, would there be any kind of noise to indicate this is happening?

There is no noise to indicate a problem. The only indication of poor reception is no or intermittent operation of the unit. You might want to try taking the unit to a different location (maybe at least a mile away) and try it. It is possible there is local interference at your current location.

There have been other FM frequency rc vehicles used in this area without a problem. I can try to take it somewhere but I’ll put a call into Vex about getting the receiver and/or transmitter replaced.

Thanks for your help.

Good, that is always worth trying. If you are still having problems, you will need to contact the place where you made the purchase and go through them for any warranty or repairs.

I take it with me as I do errands and turn it on every once in a while.

As luck would have it I purchased it directly from Vex Robotics and have only had it one day so it should fall under warranty.

Thanks again.

If you need to return the unit, just email [EMAIL=“”]VEX Robotics with your order number and explain the issue. They can then issue you a RMA Number for the return of the unit. If you can, also email a picture of the robot and specifically showing how you have the Wire Antenna mounted on the robot.