Answered: No-shows, playing a match without a robot, and disqualifications

Hi Karthik,

In the “Rankings” section of the tournament rules is the following paragraph defining no shows:

And in the definitions section:

It seems from reading these that a team doesn’t need to place a robot to avoid being considered a no show. Is this correct?

If the answer to the above question is yes, then I have a second question relating to a different rule:

and from the Referee’s Guide:

If there is no penalty for not placing a robot, and the penalty for placing an illegal robot is a disqualification, can a team who brings an illegal robot to the field avoid an <R2> disqualification by removing the robot from the field prior to the match?

What should referees do when a team brings an illegal robot to the field? Should they be disqualified under <R2>, or should they be told (in order to help them avoid breaking the rules) that they can avoid a disqualification by removing their robot from the field?

Yes, this is correct.

This is up to the discretion of the Head Referee. In a situation where a team has accidentally violated a rule (e.g. Robot was bent due to a collision, team didn’t realize the robot was out of size.) I would advise the Head Referee to not disqualify the team, and just have them removed from the field until the situation was rectified. In a situation where they have intentionally violated a rule (e.g. adding an 11th motor to their Robot after being inspected), I would advise the referee to issue a DQ.