Answered: Non stock robots used as a substitute

At worlds and other large competitions stock claw bots or protobots have been substituted in for a no show robot.

In theory could a tournament have another robot that was “nonstock” put aside for this type of substitution?

More just curious than anything else so it isn’t a rush or anything.

Thanks Karthik :smiley:

This would be something that the event partner and the RECF would have to decide. I would caution any Event Partner considering making a change like this to beware of the potential unintended consequences of introducing a “non-stock” robot for this purpose.

Okay thanks karthik

I was thinking of it as a way for the host team to not compete,to ensure fairness and stop bias, but still get some practice in real matches.

Or am I wrong in thinking it would be okay for said host team to be the driver of their robot?

In general I don’t think this is the best practice. You may end up creating situations where a team might prefer to play with the “replacement robot” over their actual partner. This might be a good topic for a thread in the General Forum.