Answered: Number of pneumatic pistons allowed

How many pneumatic pistons can be used on one robot? On r-11 option one it is unclear as to if the number of pneumatics is added to the total number of allowed servos and motors (10). It is also unclear as to what counts as a pneumatic system, is it each piston or each full set as it came in the box?

Thank you in advanced

Here is the relevant portion of rule R11, for reference:

And rule R18:

If using Option 1, there is no limit to the number of pneumatic cylinders that can be used on a robot. The cylinders are not added to the total number of servos and motors. The only restrictions to be considered a “legal pneumatic system” are found in rule R18, quoted above.

For the purposes of rule R11, a “pneumatic system” is considered any set of pneumatic components that does not violate rule R18. That is, as soon as any pneumatic components are added to the robot (excluding pneumatic tubing), a robot is no longer eligible for Option 2, and is thus restricted to ten (10) motors or servos.