Answered: Nylon Rope ??? :S

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questions concerning nylon rope …

Note: (R7: k. An unlimited amount of 1/8”, braided, nylon rope)

are teams allowed to use nylon rope without the winch and pully kit?

with nylon rope, i can’t find it on the VEX Store ? so where can i get it ? and what is the exact specification, is it 1/8" Diameter ?

also any ideas if the following situation would be legal:

So there is an arm and the base, to stop the arm from going too far, could you in theory tie one end of the rope to the arm and then the other end to the base, so the arm could only lift as high as the length of string.

Liam Grazier

Hi Liam,
I’ve moved this thread into the official VRC Toss Up Q&A, since I think an official ruling from the GDC is appropriate for your question.

Sorry for the delay in getting your answer.


ok, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Yes, you can use any 1/8", braided, nylon rope, with or without the winch and pulley kit.

This is correct, similar to lexan, it is legal for competition use, however we do not sell it.

You should be able to find it at most hardware stores, as well as hobby stores.

1/8”, braided, nylon rope.

There are no rules preventing this action, thus it is legal.

Thanks for the quick reply both of you !

Ordered some today :slight_smile:

Thanks for everything you do, i really appreciate it ! :smiley:

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You’re welcome!

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