Answered: Object falling out of goal after match

During one of our matches, we scored the negator barrel in the middle 30" goal at the last second of the match. Exactly 3 seconds after the match ended, the negator barrel somehow fell out of the goal. Here’s the video. Skip to 2:47 to see what happens. Should the negator barrel be counted towards the final score? It wasn’t counted in this match, but fortunately the winner of the match didn’t change with the presence or absence of the negator.
Thanks in advance!

Let’s take a look at the applicable rule from the VEX Gateway Game Manual, <G9>.

In the video it appears that the Negation Barrel had come to rest. Thus, the score should have been calculated with the Negation Barrel in the Goal. That being said, it’s hard to be certain from the video if the Negation Barrel had fully come to rest.

The general rule of thumb is that Scores should be calculated based on the state of the field once all objects have come to rest.

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