Answered: Official Ruling On Blocking Strategy

Hello, I am here with team 2501J. At our last tournament, there was a ruling that I disagreed with. One of the robots was a very strong and fast base shooter that had a chain conveyor intake in the front of his robot. In the finals, one of the strategies concocted was to have our 3rd pick of the alliance drive across to their side of the field and park in front of the robot, making it difficult for them to use their driver loads. The robot didn’t ever hit them or cross the line into the loading zone. The block also occurred before the last 30 seconds. The head ref forced them to drive out of the zone because he said it is potentially dangerous to the loaders hand. Is this a correct ruling? I had never seen anything regarding simply being in the way of a team loading their driver control loads.

From what you have described, there were no violations of any rules by your Robot.