Answered: Official VEX cable ties?

These are the official VEX cable ties:
4" Zip Ties (100-pack)
P/N: 276-1032
1/10" wide x 4" long with a rating of 18lbs.

11" Zip Ties (100-pack)
P/N: 275-0125
11 inches long with a rating of 30lbs. (width not specified)

I know many teams substitute other cable ties sometimes with pretty colours too! Cable ties can be purchased in many different lengths, widths and even load ratings.
Is it legal to use cable ties that are spec’d differently? Longer, shorter, wider, narrower etc.
Are teams expected to produce documentation detailing their cable tie specs if they are non-VEX parts?

Let’s take a look at the official rule from the VEX Sack Attack Game Manual.

So, for the purposes of zip ties, they should be identical length and thickness. Any colours, pretty or ugly, are acceptable.