Answered: Old License Plate Use

According to the VEX In the Zone Rulebook <R19> Part A “The VEX Team Identification Number Plates are considered a non-functional decoration, and cannot be used as a functional part of the robot.” Is this only for the new license plates or can we use the really old license plates in a functional way. They are actually for decoration, the robot has the same functionality with or without them, it just so happened to be that where we put them is on top of a functional component. I will post a picture of the particular plates.

<R19> refers only to the Identification Plates found in the VRC License Plate Kit (276-3938) and that teams receive in their Welcome Kits. The old style of pre-printed license plates cannot be used for identification to satisfy <R19>.

They could be used as a non-functional decoration, provided that they do not pose a risk of confusing inspectors or referees. That is, you should not use old license plates with a different team number than your current one.

Regarding non-functional decorations, rule R7d part ii includes the following statement:

Your statement of “the robot has the same functionality with or without them” would seem to fulfill this requirement (again, provided that this is the conclusion reached by an inspector / referee).

That being said - since the old license plates would satisfy the requirements of <R7f>, quoted below, they could even be used as a functional component, provided that no other rules are violated in the process.