Answered: One robot used by multiple teams at different events/programs

Recently the GDC said that <R1> does not prevent a robot built by one team being used by other teams at other events:
Sharing Robots between VEX and VRC from Nov 22, 2017
which contradicts a ruling from prior seasons:
Switching robots and or license plates from Nov 16, 2016
Which indicates <R1> does not prevent a robot from being improved by a team, but explicitly prohibits robot being used by another team # once it has competed.

Now this years ruling seems to back off from essentially saying “well we can write a rule for this because we can’t draw a line to enforce.” This is problematic, as just carrying a robot from team to team does not promote student learning, but more importantly, violates the very essence of <G1>:

How is a team who uses someone else’s robot either professional or respectful to all the other teams who built their own design?

Moreover, in the overview of Section 4 - The Robot, it specifically mentions:

I would encourage the GDC to reconsider the Nov 22, 2017 ruling and re-instate the interpretation of ruling from Nov 16, 2016. Also, I would recommend moving forward to put into <R1> once a robot has compete for a team, it may not be used by another team number or program (VRC/VEXU).

Thank you for your feedback. It is not legal to compete with the same robot under multiple team numbers within a given season.