Answered: Opponent pushing you over the bump

Say you get into a pushing match with an opponents robot. Or maybe he just starts playing defense and pushing you. If your opponent were to push you over the bump which caused you to tip over on the way down the other side, would that be considered intentional and therefore cause a DQ? Especially since you can’t always tell which robots can and cannot transverse the bump safely.

Just to clarify, the robot didn’t intend to tip you, he was just trying to push you away and the tipping occurred because of the bump.

We cannot issue a blanket ruling on any hypothetical situations. However, we can issue some general guidance. A team who is pushing a robot, anywhere on the field, and sees that the team is beginning to tip over, should immediately back off if possible. Teams who see a team is beginning to tip over, and continues to push and aid the tip, will most likely be called for intentional tipping.