Answered: Orientation of Robot during Sizing

Is there a required orientation for a robot during the sizing inspection?

For example if a robot is short but long (think 5 inch tall, 4 inch wide, and 20 inch long for example) and it can fit within the 18x18x18 inch cube, in accordance with <R4> a. i. “Robots will be placed into a “sizing box” which has interior dimensions matching the above size constraints. To pass inspection, a robot must fit within the box without touching the box walls or ceiling”. This short but long robot does fit within that sizing cube when its angled on the diagonal, it doesn’t touch any of the size or reach above the top of the box in this orientation it is able to remain on its side without being touched by the drivers. Would this robot still be considered within the sizing requirement?

Robots must be inspected using the sizing box or tool in the same state that they will be in at the start of the match. This includes orientation.

If this hypothetical Robot begins the match in the same “diagonal” state that it passed inspection with, then it would be legal. However, if it is inspected in one orientation but then begins the match in a different orientation (e.g. one where it is more than 18" wide), then it would not be legal.