Answered: Orientation of stacks on field

Hi Karthik,

The Game Manual and Field Specifications show two different orientations for the 4 middle stacks of balls.

Field Specifications:

Game Manual:

As shown, the Game Manual shows the stacks all “pointing” in the same direction, whereas the Field Specifications show them “pointing” towards other stacks in a square pattern.

Is there a set orientation for these stacks on the field? (In which case which image is correct?) Or are they allowed to be in any orientation?


This question will be answered after the scheduled June 15th VRC Nothing But Net Game Manual Update. We appreciate your patience.

Good question! We apologize for not making this clear.

On June 15th we updated we updated Appendix A to state:

Thus these 6 piles are allowed to be in any orientation.

Thanks Karthik!

You’re welcome!