Answered: Orientation of the stars

I would like to know the placement of the stars in a regular match. I have looked on the forums for a specific answer and was unable to find one. I know in the field appendix A, page 11, it says,
"The Stars and Cubes are placed as follows before the start of each match.

  1. There are (2X) Stars for Preload in each Alliance Station
  2. There is (1X) Cube as a Driver Control Load in each Alliance Station
  3. There are (3X) Stars centered on each half of the field between Alliance Starting Tiles.
  4. There is (1X) Star centered on each corner Field Tile.
  5. There is (1X) Cube on each half of the field diagonally centered on the
    Far Zone tape line.
  6. There are (3X) Stars equally spaced on both outside sections of the Fence.
  7. There are (4X) Stars equally spaced on the middle section of the Fence.
    Note: 3. and 4. Stars should be placed on the
    field such that three points of each Star
    are contacting the Field Tiles. Two contacting
    points should be closest to the Fence and
    the third contacting point should be facing away. "
    From experience this year I have never been to a competition that had more than the game manual printed out. I have printed out the field appendix for ongoing competitions to show what it says. However, at some competitions the referees said the stars could be in an orientation on the field. Also, could be moved no more than 1 in. from where it should be. I thought I had seen that in the game manual, but couldn’t find it. So, I am confused as to if the stars need to be placed so that two of the bottom points are facing the middle fence or can it be in any orientation?

Appendix A correctly details the specifications for how the Stars should be placed prior to each Match.