Answered: Pinning a robot touching the hanging structure

In this Q & A you said that if a robot is pushed into the hanging structure, and the robot was trying to hang that it could be a DQ.

In a match today, a blue robot was sitting under the red hanging bar. At 33 seconds remaining, the red robot comes and tries to hang, pushing the blue robot into the hang structure. Unable to get to the structure, the red robot keeps pushing. At the same time, the ref begins the pinning count. The red robot keeps pushing past the pining count.
The ref gave a DQ to the red robot because it was pinning the blue robot while trying to hang but did not DQ the blue robot that was touching the hanging structure. Was this correct?
Is it legal to pin a robot that is touching the hanging tower?
The ref said that because of the 30 second hanging rule, that the red robot should have backed off at 30 seconds to allow the blue robot to exit if they wished to. Was this the correct ruling?

What would you have ruled in this case?

Thank you for taking the time to answer this.

As always, it’s impossible to issue a blanket ruling on a snapshot of a situation. From what you’ve described it sounds like the Blue Robot was trying to maintain a position under the Red Hanging Bar. As such, it sounds like they were not attempting to exit the pin. Thus, the Red Robot should not have been called for a Pinning violation. However, the Blue Robot did touch the Red Hanging Structure during the prohibited period. As such, the Blue Robot was in violation of <SG7> and should have been given a warning or a DQ.

In general, Robots should avoid being near their opposing Alliance’s Hanging Structure towards the end of the match. This is the safest course of action.

Thank you for the response.

If the Blue robot was trying to get out of the pin while the red robot was trying to hang, what would most likely be the ruling? (I know you can not make general ruling because the circumstances may differ).

Thank you for answering all of the picky questions

In this case there is a possibility, depending on the exact circumstances, that both teams would be disqualified. The Blue Robot for contacting the Hanging Structure, and the Red Robot for pinning.