Answered: Pinning against large ball

After searching the forum, I found one previous thread dealing with pinning against a large ball, but was hoping to get some clarification. The previously answered thread can be found here:

The manual defines Pinning as:

My question arises from a situation I encountered while serving as a ref this weekend. There, a blue robot was pushing a red robot into a large ball that was against the field wall. The red robot tried to escape, but could not. This went on for probably 10 seconds. The literal interpretation of the pinning definition led for me to not call a pin because the red robot was not in contact with a “field element.”

Your response the the thread referenced above has caused me to question whether I made the right call. There, you said:

Am I interpreting that correctly by thinking that, in my example, the large ball would be considered an extension of the red robot, and as such the blue robot should have been called for pinning?

In this particular case, the red team still won the match, so my potentially errant call did not affect the outcome. I’ll be working as a ref at our state championship next weekend, however, and want to make sure I get it right if it happens again.

Please forgive me if I’m not using the Quoting tools right…I usually read this forum to prep for my responsibilities as a ref, but have never posted.

Thanks, in advance!

Yes, this interpretation is correct.

You’re welcome. Thank you for volunteering!

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