Answered: pinning against trough

a while ago i posed this question to the community
“In regards to blocking someones movement and restraining them to a 2 foot by 2 foot area what if you ram a robot into a trough but it is to tall to go under
technically it is there fault that they can’t go underneath but does that still count as restraining movement.”
then after a very logical argument about robots not being about to walk over other robots being there fault too i rewrote the question
What about if a robot has its arm up but it is capable of driving under when its arm is down.
Do you think it would not count as pinning cause they could lower there arm.

So my question

If a robot has the capability of driving under the trough when its arm is down and you push it against the trough when their arm was up to force them to lower the arm?
I see the strategic benefits of this and wanted to check

Teams who are being pinned must make every reasonable effort to exit the pin. So the judgement of whether or not this is a pin is very context dependent. If the pinned robot has the ability to lower their arm to exit the pin, they should do so, and pinning would not be called. However, in some cases of pinning, it may be impossible for them to lower their arm, as the pinning robot may be in the way. In this scenario it would be considered pinning.

The referees will make the final determination in these cases, as we cannot give a specific ruling on such hypothetical situations.

Thank you
I see this becoming a serious problem during the season and wanted to verify the rule.

You’re welcome.