Answered: Pinning and pushing. Is there a difference?


I had a question as to whether there is a difference between pushing a robot and pinning a robot.

If you have a high torque drivetrain and you are pushing against a robot with a low torque drivetrain is this legal or is it considered legal only for the 5 seconds?

What if you are only pushing against one side of their robot so that they still have the ability to move but only in one direction (say for example: into their isolation zone) and they still have more than a tiles worth of space to move around in.

Is this considered pinning?

I understand that if you don’t leave the opposing robot more than one tiles worth of space this would be considered pinning.

Quote from Karthik:

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From what you’ve described, this would be legal, provided they are not being pushed into a field element.

No, that would not be considered pinning.