Answered: Pinning and Pushing

Hello Karthik,

While watching the livestream of California’s Clash in the Canyon event, during the semifinals, I noticed that Team 62 was getting pushed about for more than 5 seconds, and it didn’t look like they could get out.

UPDATE: I have talked with Cameron and he confirmed that he could not get out of his pin while actively attempting to escape.

According to the definition of pinning and the definition of entanglement:

could this be considered pinning or a form of entanglement?

If it was mach affecting, should they be penalized for pinning them and pushing them into their protected zone?

Is pushing another robot in a ‘Friction Pin’ of sorts, where they can’t escape, a legal strategy if done for more than 5 seconds legal?

Another question, would I be penalized for pushing someone into their zone?

Thank You!

No this would not be considered Pinning. It would only be considered Entanglement if the opposing Robot has intentionally hooked or latched on to the robot that is being “T-Boned”.

Yes, there should have been a penalty for contacting a Robot while it was in its protected zone. However, since it was brief and didn’t interrupt shooting or loading, it would most likely not be match affecting. (Of course I can’t issue a blanket ruling based on a short video)

Yes, simply pushing robot is legal and subject to any time limits.

Yes, please see above.

Thanks, Karthik.

So I can push a robot indefinitely provided that I keep constant movement, and that I don’t push them into their protected zone?

If they are actively fighting back, does that change the ruling?

Yes, this would be legal. Whether or not they fight back is irrelevant. What matters is if you ever fulfill the definition of Pinning, which is quoted above. The key being is are you inhibiting their movement while they are in contact with a field element. Simply put, you cannot be Pinned in the open field.