Answered: Pinning Question (again)

The Gateway Manual states:


at first glance it seems to be legal to push a robot into a ball or barrel inhibiting their movement or push a barrel (or ball) into the other robot therefore not actually touching the robot directly am i correct granted we are not in a “corner of the field”

a corner of the field is a relative term, how much room do they have to be permitted to move? if i trap a robot in the isolation zone (by positioning my robot where the gate would be) it could technically be pinning right?

This is correct. Furthermore, it would be legal do this if the opposing robot was not touching another Field Element. A robot cannot be Pinned in the open field.

Trapping a robot in the Isolation Zone is not considered pinning. Although the corner of the field has not been defined, a good estimate would be the size of one foam field tile.

Thank you for clarifying this and defining what a corner of the field is. but one more question, say robot A is pushing robot B into a barrel that’s touching the wall in the middle of the interaction zone would it be pinning because robot A is limiting the movement of robot B or would it be legal because robot B is not touching any field elements directly?

In this case it would still be considered pinning.